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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t Just Take It From Us, Take Theirs

  • Our staff are really happy with the quality of the counselling. It is obviously good as our counselling utilisation stat’s are really pleasing.

    GM People, Mining

  • MindFit’s critical incident management was great. Our team felt really supported and were appreciative of the effort put in.

    People & Culture Business Partner, Retail

  • I’ve used a few EAP’s in different roles and the reporting MindFit provides is unparalleled.

    P&C Manager, Consulting

  • The MindFit team is super responsive. Any time we have a question or need something they have it solved in no time.

    HR Advisor, Tourism & Hospitality

Go beyond a traditional EAP for support that benefits all your employees

Get Happy People with our Employee Assistance Programs


Not All EAP Programs Are Created Equal. Why?

The majority of EAP programs only focus on counselling. But employees also need other essential training to deal with all their personal and professional challenges.  

Many EAP providers either have no proper reporting or disappear right after signing you up – you’re probably just another number to them.

Sounds familiar?

How We Transform Companies With Our Proactive EAP

Skill Development With On-Demand Digital Content

Launch materials and monthly focus topics to help you keep your staff engaged and excited.

Employees can access an evergrowing library of content and free training to help them keep mentally fit and happy.  

24/7/365 Counselling – Face To Face Or Digitally.

Your employees don’t stop needing support when they leave the office. Our experts are ready to meet employees when they need it.

Book in seconds
30+ languages
Specialist counselling
Video, face-to-face, or phone (Toll-free number)
Local Counsellors

Real-Time Reporting 

Report on what you want – when you want with self-service customisable reporting.

Easily drill down and find out what's going on and where within your organisation before it’s too late.


Science-Backed Outcomes
With A Dash Of Joy

Happy and mentally healthy employees are higher performing, more resilient and mindful.

What’s not to love?

MindFit at Work uses the latest behavioural science and psychology to transform how people think, feel and behave to improve the performance of companies and the lives of people who work in them.

Born right here in Australia, we’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and we’ve learnt to build programs that are scientifically backed, but also bring happiness and joy.

We Do Happy Differently

An EAP for a happy, healthy, and resilient workforce

Free Trainings & Ongoing Support Material  


24/7/365 Access to 

24/7/365 Access to Counsellors

Specialist Support 

Real-Time Reporting

Monthly Focus Topics

Wellbeing Assessments

Standard EAP








MindFit at Work’s EAP


Experience the convenience of an integrated employee wellbeing platform that caters to all of your workforce needs. 

Customisable Real-time Reporting

Report on what you want when you want with always up-to-date info at your fingertips.

Your personal employer dashboard allows for real-time reporting on key measures, including counselling utilisation rates to training videos viewed.  

Manager Assist, Coaching & Specialist Support

Managers have a lot on their plate – we offer Manager Coaching Assist for extra support with any issues that arise in the management of staff.

Our counsellors are experts in dealing with topics that require specialised care so every employee feels supported. 

EAP App and Portal

Your employer hub is where you’ll find all the plug-and-play materials to keep your employees engaged throughout the year.

Employees can access all the material on an app, so wellbeing is only a click away.

Critical Incident Response

MindFit can provide the services of expert counsellors to help manage employee-related crises with group and/or individual sessions.

After the incident, we prepare and provide a Critical Incident Debriefing Report to your organisation. 


Your Employees' Journey With Our EAP

We believe in taking a proactive approach to help employees be as happy as possible. While counselling takes centre stage, employees should have access to a range of tools at their fingertips.

Specialist On-Demand Counselling

Often extra care is needed, whether it’s LGBTQI Counselling and Coaching or working with a professional with vast experience supporting Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Employee Portal With Digital
Content & Wellbeing Assessments

Courses to help employees build resilience, mental muscles, and more. Employees can also access assessments to obtain a simple measurement of their wellbeing and suggestions for the next steps.

Employees can access meditations to support their happiness, resilience, mental health, mindfulness, focus, and heaps more. 

Workplace Specific Meditations 

Insightful Insights 

Tips, hacks and techniques about how employees can improve their Mental, Physical and their overall Wellbeing 

Online Physical Wellbeing Tools 

Wellbeing is more than just taking care of your mind. We offer employees world-leading online physical wellbeing tools so they can stay active wherever they are. 

Your EAP Journey With MindFit at Work

Speedy Onboarding

We move fast – we can get you up and running in under a week.

Launch Support

All the support and materials you need to get employees excited to start their wellbeing journey.

Real-Time Reporting

On-demand access to upstream statistics and divisional reporting. 

Monthly focus topics and support material to help keep your staff engaged.

Ongoing Support

Monthly focus topics and support material to help keep your staff engaged.

All the support and materials you need to get employees excited to start their wellbeing journey.