Wellbeing Consulting
Done Different

With a foundation in science-backed transformation, MindFit at Work provides a comprehensive approach to wellbeing strategy development.

Whether you are at the very start of developing your wellbeing program, or at a key review point of your action plan, our expert team of wellbeing and performance ninjas have the knowledge and experience to drive all your resilience and wellbeing initiatives.

We can join you at any stage of your journey to create and implement a bespoke wellbeing strategy that fits your organisation’s culture and addresses your employees’ unique needs.

Wellbeing Strategy Done Different

Some of our offerings include

Review, revise or reinvigorate your existing wellbeing solutions

Do a deep dive to identify the root cause of your wellbeing or performance challenges with everything from wellbeing inventory to culture assessments

Have one of the team of wellbeing whisperers parachute in and stay a while to provide some longer-term support to your team for all things wellbeing

Customised wellbeing strategies and measures of success

Wellbeing resource selection and management

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Partnership Done Different

It takes all types of talent to solve massively complex well-being and performance problems – so we’ve built a team specifically equipped to tackle the challenges that your Organisation faces every day.


We find the smartest behaviour change coaches and the most creative behavioural scientists, Psychologists or change artists.
And we give them a place to collaborate for your greater good.