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Psychosocial Hazards Consulting for Sustainable Performance

Whether you need support in diagnosing psychosocial risks, creating tangible solutions, or training and coaching your people – we’re ready to support you from A to Z or wherever you are in your journey.

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MindFit's Solutions:

Merging Expertise and Evidence for Organisational Well-being

MindFit boasts a diverse team with expertise across various disciplines, dedicated to implementing evidence and research-backed practices in crafting tangible mental health and well-being solutions for our clients.

We use a risk-centric methodology and conduct thorough psychosocial analyses to establish a deep understanding of your organisation's mental health and well-being risk landscape. This allows us to guide organisations in making well-informed decisions and devising high impact tailored solutions.

From industry to high tech, the smallest to the largest Companies – we’ve brought happiness to the best and brightest Australian companies in all industries.

Psychosocial  Hazards Consulting For A Safer and Happier Workforce

Workplace psychosocial hazards refer to factors influencing employees' mental and emotional well-being.

Despite psychosocial risks existing in every workplace – taking steps to mitigate or eliminate these risks often takes a backseat. Whether it’s due to the absence of trained staff or lack of knowledge or resources, it puts businesses at risk of severe penalties, and most importantly, it puts workers at risk.

The reality is putting together a plan is complex, and many companies simply don’t have the internal capability to take it on. Plus, with each state in Australia implementing new versions of the legislation and updating it all the time, it’s hard to stay up to date.

The landscape is moving rapidly, and at Mindfit at Work, we help you stay ahead. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re just missing some pieces to your overall plan. We’re ready to parachute in and support you wherever you are in your journey.

“MindFit provided personalised advice to address the psychosocial hazards facing our Organisation, and how best to address them in a cost-effective manner. Their solutions exceeded our expectations. Their tailored approach and expert guidance transformed our workplace. Proactive, insightful, and committed to well-being and sustainable performance.”

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Partner, Mining

Our Proven Formula to Eliminate or Mitigate Risks and Deliver Sustainable Performance 

Psychosocial hazards assessments and consulting for a safer, happier and higher performing workforce

Here’s how we can support you:


Assessment & Identification of Psychosocial Risks

Hazards exist in every work environment but can be tricky to spot. In some cases, they are evident, e.g., dealing with a hostile client.

However, many are less obvious, for example, a staff member becoming anxious due to working in a remote or isolated work environment.

We conduct validated, evidence-based psychosocial risk assessments to help you identify key workplace hazards and guide you on practical ways to manage them.


Improving Your Psychosocial Risk Strategy

We can craft a thorough strategic roadmap through collaborative, consultation, and engagement with all stakeholders in your organisation.

This roadmap includes clear objectives and actionable steps to manage psychosocial risks.


Organisational Psychosocial Risk Assessments, Management & Control

A comprehensive risk management process is the first step to eliminating or minimising psychosocial risks.

Controlling risks also helps decrease the disruption associated with staff turnover and absenteeism. Plus, it improves broader organisational performance and productivity.

So whether you’re reviewing your current process or you still need to create it, we can support you with the following:

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we can support you with the following:

  • Recommend specific control measures to mitigate identified risks
  • Implement control measures to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Regularly review control measures to ensure they remain effective
  • Team & Job Design
  • Systems and Processes
  • Training and Capability Building
  • Psychosocial Investigations


Tailored Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy Solutions

We can deliver customised training workshops for staff or leaders or support you with our EAP solutions.

Training programs are always tailored to your unique needs or to bridge any knowledge gaps.

Need more in-depth support? Partner with our in-house coaches to assist you in identifying effective strategies and solving complex problems.


Psychosocial Hazard & Psychological Safety Training for your Leaders

Leaders are your first line of defence in keeping your workforce safe. We offer custom training to empower your leaders to:

  • Have a clear understanding of psychological health and safety as it relates to legislation
  • Get a handle on workplace mental health and know where your responsibilities begin and end
  • Discover ways to cultivate a supportive environment and promote psychological well-being and safety
  • Use tools and evaluations to assess psychological health and safety for a proactive approach
  • Recognize the signs of poor mental health.

Take the First Step Towards A Psychosocially Healthy and Safe Workplace


Real Stories from Happy Clients

“From the beginning the MindFit team wanted to understand our culture and what we were really trying to achieve. We didn’t want the cookie cutter approach, and we didn’t get. The result was a customised program that had real world impact. It was also lots of fun.”

HR Director, High Tech

“Navigating the complexities of the
new Psychosocial hazards legislation was overwhelming for our business. MindFit stepped in, offering practical guidance on compliance. Collaboratively, we devised a feasible solution within a realistic timeframe and budget.”

People and Culture Manager, Logistics

Science-Backed Interventions With A Focus On Outcomes

Happy and mentally healthy employees are higher performing, more resilient and mindful. 

What’s not to love?

MindFit at Work uses the latest behavioural science and psychology to transform how people think, feel and behave to improve the performance of companies and the lives of people who work in them. 

We’ve been in this industry for over a decade, and we’ve learnt to build programs that are scientifically backed, but also bring happiness and joy.

MindFit vs Others:

Elevating Workplace Wellbeing and Managing Psychosocial Hazards


Boasts diverse team expertise

Implements research-backed solutions

Utilizes a risk-centric approach

Provides high-impact tailored solutions

Utilizes the latest behavioral science

Services all across Australia


Comprehensive Expertise

Evidence-Backed Practices

Risk-Centric Methodology

Tailored Solutions

Science-Backed Training

Nationwide Presence


Limited expertise range

May lack a foundation in current research

May lack a systematic risk analysis

Offers generic approaches

May not incorporate cutting-edge science

Limited geographic coverage