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Science backed and fun training for employee wellbeing, mental health, resilience,
wellness, and mindfulness delivered in an online virtual or face to face setting.
We customise bespoke Programs in 3 simple steps…

We start with the what

We will work in partnership with you to define exactly what it is you wish to achieve from your MindFit Training Program. Then, we curate a menu of topics to choose from which will ensure you achieve your workplace wellbeing goals.

You can simply choose any combination of our topics, or let us choose for you. We specialise in science backed and evidence-based workplace wellbeing, wellness, mental health, resilience, and mindfulness training. And forgive the brag – but – our topics list will blow your mind.

Some of our favourites include:


And many many more…
We just did not want to bore you 😉

Discover our hot topics

Next, we move onto the how

We offer fully flexible and customised delivery methods because the how is just as important as the what.

From face to face Pop-Ups to online virtual small or large group Pop-Up Webinars, or even e-learning – we have you covered. Our programs can be delivered as standalone events, or part of a comprehensive calendar or even multi day programs.

Whatever the delivery method, we promise to keep our training programs fun, interactive and unapologetically focussed on providing participants with proven #Hacks to build their resilience, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Lastly, we keep the Happy alive with our App – for free – you’re welcome

We know the hardest part of sustaining a wellbeing Program is what happens after the music ends. That is why we built the MindFit at Work App.

Our App includes meditations to support your employees’ happiness, resilience, mental health, mindfulness, chill, focus and heaps more.

The App also includes an Organisation wide mood dashboard to help you get real-time insights on your employees’ wellbeing and take action fast to improve employee engagement and retention.

And the very best part, we will give you free access for twelve months after any of our programs. How could you say no to that?

Our Current Training Programs include:

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Leader Training Programs
Wellbeing Training Programs
Resilience Training Programs
Stress Management Training Programs
Mental Health Training Programs
MindFulness Training Programs
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